This is an exciting time to join Mumford Sole, a unique, mission-driven company.

We are looking for someone who can bring passion and excellence to expanding our ability to produce outstanding thought leadership for consumption by the brightest minds across enterprises, startups, and investors. Our content strategy is to dig deeply to understand the core of things—the truth that matters—and to present it to our community in a way that changes how they understand our digitizing world and their companies’ place in it.

Beyond that, this role is an opportunity to make it your own. We are growing fast and we have an ambitious strategy that involves acting like a true ecosystem company: we are led from our edges and are poised to seize opportunities as they arise in the market. Do you see how we can launch a multichannel strategy that will help magnify the insights we have to offer? Help us launch a podcast and video offering. Do you have an idea for how we can build a revolutionary content management system? Help us to push the bleeding edge. Are you passionate about helping companies to make real change around sustainability or diversity, and inclusivity? Make it part of your job.

Mumford Sole is not just any startup. You will be joining a team of doers with a strong sense of purpose and the zeal to change how companies and markets operate. You should be an excellent writer who brings passion, integrity, and a sense of adventure to everything you do. Your sense of adventure should power a deep motivation to get up in the morning and build something real without having someone tell you exactly what to do and how to do it. The best of what you have to offer is probably never asked for in cookie cutter job descriptions. But that’s what we are asking for, and we will shape your broader responsibilities around that.

We are out to make a real dent in how companies understand and pursue digital transformation. Digital markets are ecosystems, and we want to help companies big and small to understand what this means and to learn to thrive in this new world.

If all this has you sitting at the edge of your chair, we are looking for you.

How to Apply

Please email your resume and a cover letter introducing yourself and sharing why our mission and this role appeals to you.


About Mumford Sole Partners

Mumford Sole Partners is an exciting early stage start up. 

Our mission is to demystify digital transformation so that it happens with greater speed, improved reliability, lower risk and compelling outcomes for everyone involved.

We do this by researching broadly and deeply to produce thought leadership and identify best practice. We provide insights into what’s happening and curate practical and actionable guidance on what works and what doesn’t.

Most important of all we are building a community of senior people (including CIOs, CEOs, CTOs, CMOs and CISos amongst others) from across the entire digital ecosystem, encompassing enterprises, established vendors, academics, consultants and venture capitalists who are like-minded in their commitment to digital transformation.

We produce 3 major pieces of content each year addressing what matters to our community and these take 6 months to research. We have a thorough process to make sure that we don’t miss anything that’s important and that we provide insight and practical guidance through our coverage of the subject matter, and extensive interviews within our community and beyond.

Once a major piece of content is released we then do a series of events presenting the materials and providing a forum for our community to discuss and explore the content and share their thoughts and experiences.

We also release other forms of content continuously including white papers, podcasts, thought pieces, articles, interviews, case studies, and blogs.

There are currently 7 people in the company and we all have successful backgrounds in technology and syndicated research. We come from companies such as Gartner and LexisNexis and we include former CEOs, SVPs and principal analysts of community research organizations such as The Research Board and Gartner’s EXP.

We also have a cadre of trusted companies and individuals with whom we partner.

We work out of a townhouse in Greenwich Village as well as from our home offices.