We research broadly and deeply to produce thought leadership and identify best practice. 

We seek out practitioners, observers, and facts to uncover what’s useful.

We provide insight into what’s happening and curate practical and actionable guidance on what works and what doesn’t.

We make sense out of the noise. This stuff is evolving quickly, we make sure you don’t get left behind.


We build communities of people and organizations from across the entire digital ecosystem encompassing enterprises, startups, established vendors, academics, consultants, and venture capitalists who are like minded in their commitment to digital transformation.


It’s clear that many companies are casually involved with digital innovation, but the real progress and rewards will come to those who are wholeheartedly committed and willing to share and engage fully in content-based conversations around thought leadership and best practice.


~ Curated Salons
~ Content-rich conversation
~Thought leadership research
~Practical guidance & immediately executable checklists & action plans
~ Market-wide surveys

~ Continuous insight
~ Informal benchmarking
~ Curated networking
~ Cross-community inquiries
~ Full access across the digital ecosystem


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